Thorntons Chocolate

english chocolateThorntons is a traditonal English chocolate manufacturer and exist since 1911. The chocolate was invented in the Central English city of Sheffield. Todays headquaters can be found in the 22.000 inhabitant town of Alfreton in Derbyshire.

I have received the red chocolate bar as a gift from an England traveller. The certain bar is labeled as “Thorntons Dark Chocolate With Balsamic”. Thortons touts with the slogan “the Art of the Chocolatier”.

thorntons chocolate

On the backside of the cardboard wrapping are much more things to read. Such things as “exquisite dark, chocolate laced, with the finest balsamic vinegar.”

thorntons chocolate

The chocolatiers of Thortons know how well balsamic vinegar would complement this mildy intense, exotic dark chocolate. Its subtle, slightly floral flavour comes only from Tanzania cocoa beans, making it the ultimate gourmet bar. There are no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

thorntons chocolate

Thorntons Chocolate is also known to come from a chocolate recipe with a unique blend of the finest ingredients with no added vegetable fats and just 100 percent cocoa butter.

Alright, enough of seductive words on the wrapping box. Let’s try a piece of Thorntons Chocolate …

thorntons chocolate

… the first impression is a very fruity flavour escorted by a solid taste of dark chocolate. The first bite does not open a new flavour feeling. The taste stays the same. Noble and solid.

The fruity flavour, I suppose its the balsamic, is very dominating. Maybe a bit too much dominating. Don’t get me wrong. The chocolate is excellent, but without the balsamic it would be even better. At the end of the chocolate piece I am able to experience the wonderful wonder of the perfect cocoa bean flavour. Such a wonderful feeling on the tounge and in my chocolate soul.

thorntons chocolate

I must confess that this kind of Thorntons Chocolate is a fabulous example of British quality chocolate. Well done!

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