Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar

england chocolateThorntons Turkish Delight Bar is described as “indulgent milk chocolate finished with milk chocolate” with rose and lemon flavoured Turkish delight centre. Well, I have never heard about “Turkish delight” before. I thought it’s some kind of jelly.

The product is made in Derbyshire/England. The milk chocolate contains 30% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids.

thorntons turkish delight bar

I am not so exicited about the chocolate covering. I would describe this chooclate as dull and boring. The jelly is quite fruity and tastes rather refreshing.

The chocolate experience is quite a new one. Chocolate covered around jelly is not so common in my country. The taste of chocolate is not even boring.The taste is also in the background. The amount of jelly is very strong and massive.

thorntons turkish delight bar

The chocolate around the jelly is bit creamy. To find at least one positive thing about it.

In general I would consider Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar as quite interesting experience. Not more. I would not pay money for Thornton Turkish Delight Bar a second time.

thorntons turkish delight bar

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