Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar

englandThorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is a quite delicious chocolate creation from the English province of Derbyshire. I received this product from an England traveller.  Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is labeled as “the art of the chocolatier”.

The candy consists of whipped fudge with ribbon of caramel in smooth milk and dark chocolate.

thornton whipped fudge bar

The flavour of caramel can be described as very strong in my first bite. The dark and milk chocolate is only noticeable besides.  There is a stale taste of caramel. I think that makes the excessive smoothness.

At the end the whole character of the Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar becomes quite fine. I suppose this thing is a popular treat in the UK. The soft and smoothness is overwhelming to me. I am not used to such kind of sweets.

thorntons whipped fudge bar

The taste reminds me a bit on a Mars bar. The caramel filling seems to be the same. Only Mars is not that smooth. This is the difference. I would label Thornton chocolate as “quite alright” and “not the worst”.

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