Toffifee Chocolate

toffifee chocolateToffifee is a candy product from the German company of Storck, and exists since 1973.

The product consists of caramel, nougat, chocolate and a hazelnut.  Toffifee is known as a very delicious chocolate, and delights with a smooth and round taste.

toffifee chocolate

The first layer is a strong covering of sweet caramel. Caramel is also the first impression of Toffifee. If the caramel is melted, the chocolate and the nougat comes in evidence. At the end of the German candy enjoyment uncoveres the hazelnut, which is located in the center of the whole thing. In this special moment the hazelnut is ready for bit through.

toffifee chocolate

Toffifee is a great experience, and I know this product since my childhood. It’s qutite hard to stop if you once have started to eat this sweet kind of pleasure.

toffifee chocolate

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