WalCor Chocolate Cigars

walvor chocolate cigarsWal-Cor Cioccolato al Latte. Today I have tried something really funny. Chocolate Cigars from Italy. A company from Cremona in the North of Italy had the glorious idea to manufacture such an amusing chocolate creation.

Wal Cor stands for Walter Corsanini. The founder of the chocolate factory. He started to make chocolates in 1954. It seems he is quite a big name in Italy. Well, but I have never heard about him before.

walcor chocolate cigars

The company promise productive flexibility, which makes it possible to complete satisfaction of the client’s requirements.

On the WalCor website I am reading: “Excellent product quality, punctuality of deliveries, care and innovation in packaging and an excellent quality/price ratio complete the company’s profile of great reliability and efficiency.
Wal-Cor guarantees every toy and gadget included with its products with EC certification issued by Italian Authorities according to current Italian and Community laws.

walcor chocolate cigars

Time to put those three massive chocolate cigars out of the box. The content of cocoa amounts 30 percent. I am quite curious about that product. How will it taste? Is there a secret filling inside? Maybe yummy nougat?

walcor chocolate cigars

The next step: away with the annoying paper.  Now it’s time for my first bite. And here we go …

walcor chocolate cigar

… oh yes! Wonderful! A crisp sound and the first bite was taken. I experience a cosy chocolate flavour on my tongue. As I am in desperate need for chocolate at the moment, I am going to start biting and biting.

I am disappoint that there is no filling inside the chocolate cigar. Totally empty! I think a filling of finest nougat would boost the taste of Walcor enourmosly.

But also without filling,  WalCor Chocolate Cigars are something quite good. All three chocolate cigars were finished inside a very short time. Well done, WalCor …if I am going find myself another chocolate from Walcor, I will give it try again. There is no doubt about it. Great Italian chocolate with unique shape and wrapping.

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