Zaabär Chocolate

belgiumZaabär is a luxury chocolate brand from the Belgian capital of Brussels. The concept of the highly gifted Belgian chocolatier Francois Decarpentries is to create fancy chocolates with a cocoa content of 55 percent, and spice blends from around the world.

Zaabär offers only dark chocolate in a little factory shop in Brussels city center. I decided to buy the “Chocolat Noir Dark Pure Pistaches de Cappadoce Pistachios”. Two small chocolate bars of 35 g were included in the box.

The Zaarbär chocolate box with two 35 g little chocolate bars in stylish wrapping.

I opened the box and discovered the two little chocolate bars.

Now I can’t wait to experience the Belgian chocolate flavour.

The good the wrapping, the better the chocolate bar itself. I think it looks very tasteful.

I have experienced a meager cocoa flavour without any traces of fat. The pistachios inside the chocolate bar turned out to be quite crunchy.

Zaabär Chocolate is a fantastic dark chocolate with the finest flavour. The bar offers a unique taste aswell. If you are able to buy it, you should give it a try. I am very delighted about such lovely candy experience on a dark and cold evening in January.

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